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A native macOS Minecraft launcher

BMTCMate logo


A mobile app for checking BMTC bus timings

Legacy Fabric pack.png logo

Legacy Fabric

Running Fabric loader on older versions of Minecraft

Dimensional Doors Monolith logo

Dimensional Doors

A Minecraft mod that adds pocket dimensions

Project Kula logo

Project Kula

A social media platform for a college

kvshort chain link logo


A URL shortener that runs on Cloudflare Workers

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A web app for tracking caffeine intake

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A macOS app for urban farming and tree planting

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A Swift server/client for playing battleship

Tiny Potato logo

Invading Taters

A space invaders clone about potatoes

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A neural network toolkit

Vimc logo


Vim-like editing in Minecraft

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Epic fail calculator

A calculator for calculating GPA across a range of possible grades

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A web app to help studying for Indian Constitution exam

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Variable Fundamental Quantities

Use Linear Algebra to convert between different units of fundamental quantities

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I'm feeling 21

A discord bot that plays blackjack

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A C++ library for parsing JSON

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Enchantments HUD

A Minecraft mod that shows enchantments on the HUD

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Sudeep's Carts

A Minecraft mod that allows you check IRCTC train availability

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Clickup Goals

A Visual Studio Code extension for tracking goals in Clickup

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A Minesweeper clone in many languages

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A web app for generating physics experiment readings

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Eye You Ready For It

A discord bot that lets you guess celebrities from their eyes

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A Minecraft server management web app

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